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Why choose wall-mounted sanitary ware for your new home

For those who have the possibility to choose the furnishing of their home, the choice of sanitary ware increasingly falls on modern and innovative suspended models. The most modern houses in fact, host a bathroom with toilet, bidet and sink suspended, hiding their structure, usually shown in the most “antique” models. Let’s see together what are their advantages and what are the differences with their classic counterparts.

Advantages of wall-mounted sanitary fixtures

Suspended sanitary fixtures have the advantage of saving space in the first place. In fact, this choice is perfect for those who have a relatively small bathroom, making it look more spacious and giving the user the possibility to move without bumping into the sink or toilet structures. An advantage of suspended sanitary fixtures, often overlooked, is the adjustable height.

When you have the toilet, sink and bidet suspended, you will be able to choose the height at which to place them. This choice is particularly useful if you have people with motor difficulties or elderly people in your family.

From a practical point of view, suspended toilets can also be washed more easily than standard models, which accumulate dust even in the most hidden places. You only have to clean the part you use.

From a design point of view, a wall-mounted toilet immediately brings a modern and elegant aesthetic to any bathroom. This, more than anything else, seems to be the main reason for the growing popularity of the model. Consult the best health care sales sites such as to choose the most suitable products for your bathroom.

Differences between standard and suspended sanitary ware

Toilets are divided into two main categories: wall-mounted and floor-standing (standard and most popular).

The difference is quite simple: wall mounted toilet is mounted with the tank hidden inside the wall, and standard toilets are placed on the floor, showing their structure. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Contrary to popular belief, standard toilets are much easier to repair. If there is a problem with the toilet, it is not necessary to destroy the entire wall to reach the tank. In fact, many of the problems with the toilet are often solved by opening the tank. Among their advantages, floor-standing toilets can boast of being much cheaper than wall-mounted models. Obviously, one of their great defects is due to their aesthetics, now no longer appreciated by lovers of design and modern style. In addition, the difficulty in cleaning them completely does not make them popular with some people.

Wall-mounted bathrooms are more prone to leakage and loosening over time and may require fixing or repair from time to time. As we have already mentioned, they are certainly easier to clean than standard toilets due to their one-piece design and the fact that they do not touch the floor. Only the cup, rim and lid need to be cleaned. A wall-mounted toilet is more complicated to install than a standard toilet, but it offers many advantages.

The toilet tank is mounted on a sturdy metal frame, which is connected to wall pins. The wall is then built around the toilet parts, leaving only the toilet bowl, which does not touch the floor. These toilets may not be suitable for installation in every bathroom or home, depending on wall thickness and location. A wall-hung toilet requires a thicker wall, proper installation and partial removal of the wall.

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