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To understand how and why to save water, discover our beneficial and exciting proposals for water and energy-saving tips!

Does it happen – when you take a shower – that you have to wait several minutes before the water warms up? If it happens every time you open the tap, you have to run for cover.

What may seem like a long and annoying wait is an unnecessary consumption of water. This waste has negative implications both on the environment and on your bills. The same happens when you open the tap with the central lever and, at the same time, the water heater turns on. Also, in this case, it is energy waste, and it does not matter that it occurs for a few seconds, to which perhaps you attach little importance. In the long run, these elements become sensitive weaknesses in the management of the domestic economy.

To make you better understand how and why to save water, here are some handy and exciting solutions: water and energy-saving tips.

Water-saving taps and mixers, what they are

Water-saving valves are sustainable products equipped with technologies that limit water consumption. In particular, water-saving is determined by the presence of two devices: the cartridges with the outlet water limiter and the water temperature limiters.

Examples of products with these characteristics are the Grohe mixers for washbasins, showers, and bidets. These feature a 35 mm ceramic disc cartridge and an adjustable flow rate limiter (adjustable minimum flow rate 2.5 l / ml). In some of these, the temperature limiter is already included, while in others, it is an accessory to be activated separately. In particular, all Grohe mixers ensure rational use of water and energy, but only some lines are equipped with additional elements that increase the advantages. For example, the following are all lines with SilkMove or EcoJoy technology:

  • Euro plus
  • New Concept
  • Eurodisc Cosmopolitan
  • Eurostyle Cosmopolitan
  • Eurosmart Cosmopolitan

The SilkMove technology guarantees precise and smooth control of the temperature and water flow rate. Moreover, it allows supplying cold water even if the mixer lever is positioned in the center and to distribute hot water only when it is operated towards the left.

The EcoJoy technology, however, reduces the amount of water supplied from the tap up to 50%.

The advantages of water-saving taps

Thanks to their features, the water-saving valves allow you to control and reduce water consumption, as well as to have a low energy impact.

Energy savings and water savings are achieved in Ideal Standard – Ceramix Blue faucets. Inside them makes energy saving possible: the amount of water contained in the mixer is reduced by 80%, and the volume of water to be heated is significantly reduced. While, the EKO cartridge and the unique aerator contribute to water saving: the first accessory acts as control and reduction of water consumption; the second reduces water consumption from 11 l / m to 5 l / m without any loss of flow, thanks to the mixing of air and water.

How to choose energy-saving taps

The models of taps and mixers mentioned above are only a small selection of the great variety that Desivero offers you. For example, among the Grohe mixers, there are some equipped with more sophisticated technologies, such as the mixer fitted with infrared control and thermostatic mixers. Besides Grohe, you can choose between the mixers of IB Rubinetterie, products without lead, and zinc, some complete with Click-Clack waste. Finally, if you want to combine modern and minimalist design with energy and water savings, Paffoni taps are the perfect solution for you.

In particular, many of these mixers are equipped with an energy-saving and water-saving cartridge for dual-energy savings. At the first click, the opening of the lever allows the smart tap to deliver only cold water in small quantities. While, if you turn the bar to the left, you will get hot water, and if you lift it beyond ECO-STOP, you will get more flow. We can explain this functioning as a double mechanism of resistances in the opening, which works towards the left and upwards. The resistance to the left must be won to operate the hot water, while the one to the top must be won to increase the quantity.

Watch the video with Delivery products

To find out which water and energy-saving tips are best suited to your environment, consult the Delivery website. Within the product data sheets, the individual technical characteristics of these smart technologies are explained in detail. In case you have doubts and desires, compared with a plumbing and heating professional, contact the Delivery specialists will advise the perfect technology to reduce water and energy consumption.

As you browse through the pages of our site, watch the video we created to explain clearly, and quickly how to save water at home with low water and energy consumption taps.

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