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The enamelled steel of the sanitary ware is 100 years old

Kaldewei, a German company now in its fourth generation, continues the path of research and innovation in the sector of enameled steel sanitary ware, celebrating a century of experience.

Steel and glass, a resistant metal and a coating that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch: this combination gives birth to enameled steel, material from the past now produced with sophisticated technologies that make it perfect for sensitive environments, such as the bathroom. Stable over time, resistant to strong thermal stresses and chemical agents, robust and moldable, as well as hygienic, sustainable (totally recyclable), and pleasant aesthetic appearance, enameled steel is, in fact, ideal for the production of sanitary ware.

Kaldewei, a German family-run company that has reached its fourth generation this year, has understood its potential since its inception. And today, with a century of experience in the development of cutting-edge solutions – including the production of enamel in its own plant with a secret recipe that has been refined over time – it can boast a vast catalog of bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins in this material.

Products that fully meet the needs of the contemporary market – performing, eco-sustainable, and contemporary at the same time – also developed in collaboration with several important international design studios. Like that of Werner Aisslinger, German designer called by the company to sign Tricolore, the current reinterpretation of an icon like the freestanding bathtub. 

“The bathrooms are going through a dizzying evolution, explains the designer, and over time they are becoming larger, more comfortable, and more wellness-oriented. In the future, they will be the only places in homes where daily rituals will continue to be more important than the digital world, which in other spaces is increasingly present and invasive. 

For designers, this means creating a place of well-being destined to become increasingly colorful, material-oriented, imaginative, and less and less conventional. The challenge ( in the conception of such a project, editor’s note) was to take another step forward with Kaldewei, to put it to the test as a leader in borderless enameled steel products. “

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