Stylish bathroom

Tailor-made shower in just 2 weeks

Custom-made, wide variety of finishes, extreme functionality, the safety of use, prompt delivery, certainty of costs. Today, these are the criteria for choosing what has become a great protagonist of the bathroom, in every home: the shower.

The shower must adapt to different spaces, sometimes really difficult, it must be totally usable, even in the presence of motor difficulties, to respond to every taste requirement, to harmonize perfectly in any type of setting and style.

For forty years, the Duka company has been responding to these needs with a production of shower enclosures that, over time, has grown and evolved, up to today’s very high standards  achieved in the new modern headquarters, where the entire company system it revolves around the 4.0 philosophy, which sees software, machines, and people working together.

The technical details, such as the innovative bonding technology, the elegant sliding elements or the hinged bellows system are designed and manufactured in the company down to the smallest details, giving shape to the different interpretations of the shower ritual, realizing architectural ideas and functional technologies because the shower is also an emotional moment.

The production of Duka showers combines design and practicality, thanks to five principles that are the basis of the company philosophy and that are the architects of the development and success on the market, allowing you to deliver a customized shower in just two weeks from the order :

  1. Qualified personnel
  2. Customized solutions: the primary objective of the design is to create a series of opportunities to create personalized environments. Custom-made is a challenge that the company gladly accepts, thanks to the many years of experience in the custom-made sector. Thanks to a flexible organization, it is possible to get the “made to measure” in two weeks of delivery. Perfection in technique and quality guarantee lasting functionality
  3. Service: fast delivery times and optimal service performance for all products.
  4. Long-standing business partners/suppliers: long-term success is the fruit of a collaboration with excellent partners. Creating and maintaining long-term relationships with reseller partners, as well as suppliers, takes on a central role in the guarantee that the company offers to its buyers.

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