Stylish bathroom

Sopravasca, the doors to have a bathtub and a shower together

For those who do not want to give up either of the two options, with over-the-counter panels, in the bathroom, you can have both the bathtub and the shower in a single space.

If the bathroom is small or there is not enough space for a shower of its own,  with one or more panels over the top, generally in tempered glass, you can define a shower corner, sometimes even a spacious one.

The simplest solution is a single overflow splashproof door, fixed or mobile: in this case, the tank must be positioned at an angle between two walls. If you want to create a shower corner to be closed if necessary, the paneling must be made up of two doors, one of which is attached to the wall and a cabinet. In some models, the doors are both mobile, and only the portion of paneling attached to the wall is fixed. However, there is also the possibility of providing two separate mobile doors, fixed on different walls, to close the shower corner.

When designing the bathroom and being renovated, it is also possible to choose particular models, such as the shower baths equipped with practically total closure, as in the case of models with easy access to the bath, ideal especially for children and the elderly.

The paneling panels,  which have a standard height of usually 140-145 cm, have doors of different widths, so that everyone can find the suitable solution, which will also depend and above all on the position of the knobs and of the tap spout, which if very protruding, for example, may hinder the opening / closing of the door.

 In some particularly “difficult” cases, it may be necessary to resort to custom-made, with surcharges that affect the cost decisively. The over-baths are also found in various shapes, rectangular, curved, or beveled.

Mostly made of tempered safety glass with thicknesses between 6 and 8 mm, the sack doors also exist in economical versions in transparent plastic material, which has a decidedly lower aesthetic appearance. The crystal can be transparent, smooth, opaque, or screen-printed.

The profiles – in aluminum or steel – have a chrome or satin finish.

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