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Small bathroom: 25 solutions that simplify the choice

To make the small bathroom functional and comfortable, it is enough to choose washbasins, sanitary ware, bathtubs, showers, and furniture, all in very compact dimensions.

A small, narrow, or irregularly shaped bathroom needs small and compact bathroom fixtures and fittings.

For the washbasin area, you can choose a model suspended from a counter or integrated into a shelf or built-in integrated into a compact washbasin. Handwash basins are an excellent solution for smaller rooms: some are not very deep and, therefore, suitable for bathrooms with reduced depth; when there is little space on the wall, round or square models are perfect.

Among small and compact sanitary ware, it is always better to focus on suspended models that have a more straightforward visual impact. On the market, there are also jars with a shredder that do not need a rinsing box and can be chosen in those renovations in which a second bathroom must be obtained, thus moving the vase.

Among the shower enclosures, those that make the best use of space are the corner models. For the shower tray, a comfortable but relatively small size is the classic 80 x 80 cm, also available in the very current floor-level versions.

If you also want to have a bathtub, in addition to the shower, you can focus on models smaller than the standard 170 x 70/75 cm; furthermore, there are some unusual shapes, for example with decreasing depth, which in some cases allow the space to be exploited to the fullest.

Ideal for the small bathroom, the furniture wall units that develop in height and shallow ones.

And finally, for those who do not want to give up even the sauna, even without having a whole room to devote to the toilet , there are domestic models that are very compact in themselves, with dimensions comparable to that of a large shower cubicle – as much as they require the installation in large bathrooms.

Finally, two words on the choice of finishes, so as not to miss the colors. You know, light colors and bright and shiny finishes always give the feeling that the environment is more full, but to give a bit of personality to the environment, you can, for example, create a contrast between floor and wall, or between one wall and the other.

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