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Replace the tub with the shower: 5 solutions in comparison

To choose co-ordinates for washbasin, bidet, bath, and shower, the square taps characterize the bathroom with their geometric and essential design.

When renovations are carried out in the bathroom, it is often decided to replace the bathtub with the shower, for reasons of convenience and practicality or to recover space in the environment.

To replace the bathtub with the shower,  significant masonry work is not necessary, and the advantages are undeniable. During an inspection, all the technical aspects will be evaluated, including the extent and duration of the works, and the possible choices of the shower tray, cabin closure, and solution for the bottom walls that housed the tub will be discussed.

The most significant change when one wants to replace the tub with the shower concerns the lower parts of the affected walls, which remain without coating with the removal of the tub. To solve the problem easily, there are special cladding panels intended to cover the entire wall; with some types, it is not even necessary to remove any tiles present.

For glass panels, you can choose between models with or without profiles, or with more or less thin profiles, even colored and matching the shower tray. Those with an “industrial style” look are currently very trendy, with metal squares typical of industrial doors and windows. To choose, also the type of opening/closing: swing, sliding, or book-like, or without closure, as in walk-in models.

When replacing the tub with the shower, the work can be more contained by installing the taps near the original one — maximum freedom of choice between separate showerheads or multi-function shower columns, which also allows for massaging jets.

The shower tray can generally be cut to size, especially in the new synthetic materials, which boast non-slip characteristics, ensure hygiene, resistance, and anesthetic effect of impact, material, and at the same time, pleasant to the touch.

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