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Double sink: integrated in the top or separate?

The choice of double sinks, in general, is linked to the availability of space, while the fact of opting for countertop or integrated models is, above all, a question of aesthetics, personal taste, and preferences.

Of high aesthetic impact, but also functional and sometimes decisive, the double sink requires a bit of tolerance and cooperation.

 From ultra-compact, ironic and informal solutions for young and secure environments, to the most sought-after models for classic ones, the choice of the double washbasin must be made before any change in the bathroom: from the position of the attachments to that of the lights, everything is binding from the point of technical view.

What do you need to have a double sink?

How much space? 

  • From 120 to 140 cm (minimum)  for practical use of two 40 cm tanks.

And for the facilities?

  • Two connections because the two adduction pipes must be duplicated from the water point.
  • One drain: each sink requires a siphon, but these two tubes can then convey into the same strain.
  • The light on the double sink
  • The ideal is that on each, there is
  • a dedicated light point. The advice becomes a necessity if the composition exceeds 120 cm in length unless a horizontal lamp is chosen.
  • Double sink integrated with the top

The models with integrated tanks divide the two stations imperceptible. Another advantage? If they are compact, they have dimensions comparable to a maxi washbasin

The built-in washbasins can be more or less distant, depending on the model, but the central space is at least 8-10 cm, to allow simultaneous and comfortable use of the two tanks.

At the two ends of the top, at least 15 cm should instead be available.

Distances and electrical outlets

The correct distance from the floor to the upper edge of the (double) washbasin is always 83-85 cm. In compositions with support basins and suspended furniture, it is, therefore, necessary to pay close attention to the heights of the elements. Especially if you want to make open spaces.

The technical predisposition for a double washbasin also concerns the electrical system: 1 socket and one dedicated switch for each tank, placed at 60 cm lateral from the centerline of the tap.

If you choose wall-mounted mixers, you need to find the correct distance between the spout and the basin of the sink, also considering its height.

The mirror: single or two?

The first option is almost mandatory in the mini compositions, but it is also useful in the maxi ones, offering a wide field of vision. The second is indicated when the bases with the double sink are separate, and you want to guarantee a game of symmetry.

Two twin bases form a very scenic whole that deserves to be valued. To fully appreciate the effect, leave 30-50 cm between the two compositions.

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