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Classic bathroom fixtures for an elegant bathroom with retro charm

The classic sanitary ware evokes ancient atmospheres and represents the perfect choice for lovers of tradition or a romantic and retro style. Here are some proposals to furnish the bathroom with sanitary ware with a classic design.

The classic sanitary ware is the perfect choice to furnish retro-style bathrooms and give the room an elegant, refined, and romantic allure. The models currently on the market, in addition to the timeless style and design that evokes eras of the past, are characterized by the materials of high quality and high technology. The tradition and elegance of the forms merge, therefore, with the modernity of the features and finishes, the quality of the materials and the simplicity of cleaning and maintenance.

The proposals of classic sanitary ware present different shapes, ranging from the most squared and geometric to the most curved, round and soft, to respond to different tastes.

The taps with romantic lines, designed for these bathroom fixtures, underlines, and enhances the classic and timeless style of this type of vases and bidets, thanks to the design, the stainless steel, chrome, or gold finishes and precious details often made of ceramic, glass or crystal.

The classic style bathroom fixtures are offered both in the suspended and floor version and usually have larger sizes than the modern and minimal models; for this reason, they guarantee high comfort.

The vase can also have a vertical and external high water box, in memory of more traditional toilets; the bidet is often prepared for three-hole taps with knobs. The design of the tall table resembles the lines of the vase, and the exposed tube that carries the water has the same finish as the faucets.

Another element that draws attention and brings back to the past is the drain, which can have the knob, the lever, or a chain that goes down along the profile of the box. Even the wall coverings and the chosen bathroom furniture recall the Victorian style or the Provencal style, the French influences, and the inspirations of the beginning of the century that they project in Art Nouveau.

Usually, the classic sanitary ware is made of high quality, mostly white ceramic with a glossy finish, but it is also possible to find some black or colored models; modernity can already be seen in the innovative coatings that do not allow dirt and limestone to deposit on smooth ceramic surfaces. For the vase, you can also opt for the wooden toilet seat, another element reminiscent of ancient English productions.

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